VP for Academic Affairs

Komar University of Science and Technology (KUST) at Sulaimani was founded and licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. According to the Kurdistan Region Government’s official letter No. 17867/7 on October 18, 2009.  KUST is a private university governed by a Board of Trustees and administered by its University Council. Its main campus is located in Qularaisi-Sarchinar of the Sulaimani city, Kurdistan, Iraq.

We are currently at an exciting stage of our development. We are looking forward to hiring professional academics to join our community and contribute to the growth and success of the university.

Job Code: KUST -01


1.     Fulfilling the Missions and Objectives of the University.
2.     Actively participating in the Top Managing Team of the University.
3.     Provide guidance to and receive recommendation from Faculty representative body regarding planning and implementation of KUST policies.
4.                 Leading and Managing Office of Vice President for Academic Affair.
5.     Ensuring the implementation of the study plans of the academic programs by the academic departments.
6.     Ensuring the implementation of the Foundation Requirements
7.                 Ensuring the implementation of the Research Policy fairly.
8.     Chairing the Academic Committee.
9.     Managing communication with Government’s departments and private industries regarding academic affairs and research activities.
10.  Supervising Faculty Representative elections
11.  Supervising Faculty Members’ evaluation, promotion or termination.
12.  Managing  faculty disputes according to MHE      regulations and KUST Faculty Handbook.
13.  Planning effective Academic Calendars.
14.  Representing KUST on issues related to academic and faculty affairs, upon President’s request.
15.  In addition to the above, the President reserves the right to assign any additional tasks deemed appropriate for this position vice president.

Foundation Courses

16.  Supervising the initial assessment of perspective students’ academic abilities according to international standards.
17.              Ensuring students’ learning throughout the foundation stage.
18.  Improving foundation stage programs to meet the changings in the Academic programs.
19.  Planning foundation year course schedule with the cooperation of the VP for Student Affairs.

                     Academic Courses

20.  Supervising and ensuring the quality learning outcomes for University, College and Department required courses.
21.              Improving academic courses to meet the adopted accreditation standards, and the emerging needs in Kurdistan Society.
22.  Ensuring the integration and interdependency of university, college and department courses in all departments to fulfill the Mission and Objectives of KUST.
23.              Planning academic course schedule with the cooperation of the VP for Student Affairs.

                    Academic Planning

24.  Approving the academic plans for all colleges and departments according to accreditation requirements, most recent advancement in science and technology, and emerging needs in Kurdistan Society.
25.  Supervising and academic departments.
26.              Coordinating with Vice President of Student Affairs in Academic related issues of students.

 Academic Relations

27.  Coordinating academic relations of KUST with other educational and research institutions (locally, nationally and internationally).
28.               Coordinating student -exchange Programs (locally, nationally and                 internationally).
29.  Overseeing the implantation of MOUs regarding facility utilizations with other research and education institutions.
30.  Overseeing faculty exchange agreement with others education and research institutions.
31.  Organizing research activities annually.
32.  Supervising the procedures for selecting the research projects for awards. Assessing and evaluating research outcomes according the KRC objectives.
33.   Developing QA policy according to the Accreditation agencies criteria and MHE policy in cooperation with Academic Committee Supervising the implementation of the QA policy via QA Committee.
34.  Taking proper decision against faculty members who doesn’t follow the QA guidelines or refuse cooperation with QA.
35.   Supervising the forming of the QA Committee.
36.  Approving the QA Committee’ meeting minutes.
37.   Implementing KUST strategic efforts to gain accreditation from International Accreditation Institutions, chosen by KUST.
38.  Overseeing strategic efforts to elevate the rating KUST in the Kurdistan National Ranking System.  
39.  Overseeing the implementation of KUST rules and regulations regarding faculty conduct (Faculty Handbook).
40.  Improving Faculty Handbook in collaboration with HR and Faculty representative body.
41.  Managing procedures for Faculty promotion.
42.  Coordinates disciplinary actions in the Ad-Hoc Faculty Disciplinary Committee.
43.  Overseeing faculty representation elections.
44.   Conducting correspondence with MHE regarding Faculty Affairs.


1.     Holds a PhD in field of Engineering , Business or Science
2.     At least ten years Administration experience in higher education.
3.     At least ten years teaching  experience in higher education
4.     Scientific title ( Assistant Professor or Professor )
5.     Very good command of English language
6.     Good knowledge of MS office and computer.
7.     Proactive, attention to details, organized


Contract Type:  Full-time
Job Title: Vice President for Academic Affairs
Place of work: Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region-Iraq
Working hours:  35 hours per week (08:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Sunday to Thursday)
Reporting To: President
Contract duration: 2 Years.
Probation period: one semester (6 months).
Application Deadline: The application will continue until the position is filled.


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