A workshop on lessons learnt from controlled Silo demolition in Sulaimani

On Tuesday Feb 20, 2018, a workshop was conducted under the title “Lessons learnt from controlled Silo demolition in Sulaimani"  at KUST auditorium Hall. The workshop was conducted by Mr Aree Ahmad and Mr Azad Ali who were the project manager of the Silo demolition at Hiwa Rauf.  
In the beginning of the workshop Mr Aree provided an insight into controlled demolition worldwide focusing on Silo demolitions. He indicated that Sulaimani Silo demolition was the only Silo in this size to be blown up and flatten with dynamite. In addition, he drive the audience through the design steps they followed with the modifications they done it after running several simulation models with AEM "Applied Element Method".  
He affirmed that the designing process took nearly a year while the implementation only several months. In conclusion he indicated that this method  is proved to be the safest and environmentally friendly when it comes to the destruction of mega structures provided the perimeter of safety is considered.
His presentation followed by Q&A.
Previously, on February 2nd, 2018 a team of engineer "Dr Hiwa Sidiq and Mr Sardasht" from Komar University was selected to oversees the process of collecting seismic and noise data generated during the Sulaimani Silo demolition. 
Three station were selected around the Silo, data collected using Instantel seismograph. Result showed the process of demolition underwent controlled without any serious impact.