Technical Seminar on Casing and Cementing Design

Department of Petroleum Engineering, Komar University of Science and Technology arranged a technical seminar on "Casing and Cementing Design" on Sunday,​ December 18th,​ 2016. 
The presentation was mainly focused on practical field experiences for both Casing and Cementing jobs while drilling oil wells as well as some simulation flashes and pictures of tools, equipment and accessories related.
After the presentation, open panel discussion session was carried out between Petroleum Engineering Students and Drilling Engineers from Taqa Global Company. Students asked many questions related to their career advancement. 
In addition to the faculty and students of Petroleum Engineering from Komar University, the President of Komar University of Science and Technology, Drilling Engineers of Taqa Global Company, SPE Erbil section representative, Head of Natural Resources Engineering and Management Department, and some of Petroleum Engineering students of University of Kurdistan, Hawler, participated in this seminar.​