Students from Qaradagh visits KUST

Komar University of Science and Technology warmly welcomed students onto its campus on March 4, 2019. More than hundred students from Qaradagh district came to familiarize themselves with KUST campus and its vision and mission. Mr. Balen Najmalddin, Public Affairs Assistant and staff representative; on behalf of our university welcomed the visitors.

Then Mr. Peshang Hussain, Coordinator of Student Affairs and Registration Office; provided clarification of the methods of admission to University for the upcoming academic year, responsively answered all questions and queries about admission and registration procedures to become a KUST student. As a part of one of KUST objectives to establish elite society and educational environment to all citizens; Treasure Island Movie was shown to the twelfth grade students to enhance their comprehensions about the story to their national exam.

Afterwards, the students toured the campus for a gaining a realistic side of Komar University’s life.