Statistical Analysis with R Workshop

The workshop on “Statistical Analysis with R”, held on Sunday and Monday, April 16-17th, was led by Dr. Zmnako Awrahman, Director of Komar Research Center. The workshop introduced the participants with the R and RStudio software and how to perform statistical analysis. The workshop instructor has experience in R for over ten years. Participants have been provided with materials that is easy to follow with detailed explanation.

The workshop focused on R as a statistical software because it is Open Source Project and freely available. The participants benefited from the course with acquiring skills to write basic functions, downloading/importing data, check data structure and doing statistical analysis (such as t.test, correlation, regression, ANOVA, ANCOVA, multiple regression and model prediction).

The participants background and affiliation varied. They were coming from Charmo University, American University of Iraq-Sulaimani, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Institution, Sulaimani General Directorate of Health, Sulaimani Technical Institute and others.

This training equipped the participants with skills to actively engage with challenge they face during their research design and data analysis. Dr Awrahman provide data samples of researches currently been published to participants during the practical session.

Participants questions were answered. They were also encouraged to practice R because that is the most efficient mechanisms to master the codes. R software is so dynamic that the user has a freedom of imagination of an artist of what they want to achieve/produce in R.

At the end, certificates were awarded to the successful participants by the instructor. Vice President of Academic Affiars, Professor Dr Jalal Saeed, awarded the instructor with an appreciation certificate for running a successful workshop.