A Seminar On Personality Types through Their Learning Styles

Komar University of Science and Technology, HR Office conducted a seminar about "Personality Types Through their Learning Styles" by Mr. Balen Najmalddin on December 5th, 2017. 

Mr. Najmalddin presented some information about the three-main personalities and learning types; visiual learners, audio learners and kinesthetic learners. The ability of human personalities, the role of individuals through understanding proper communication with each one and avoiding "lost in translation". The main of the seminar was to study the way a person interacts with others in the workplace, and what his/ her style of learning is, and the person will become very successful in relationships with others surrounding him/her. I.e every personality type is unique and must be handled as such. Mr. Balen qouted "Whichever type a person is, will be how they view life and comprehend situations. This is their own, unique personal filtering system."

All KUST staff members attended the seminar and enriched it with their questions and participation.

At the end, the Chairman of KUST-BOT, Dr. Dara Jamil thanked him and on behalf KUST community rewarded him with a certificate of Appreciation.