A seminar on Nonlinear Pushover Analysis for Steel Beam-Column Connection

Komar University of Science and Technology, Office of Quality Assurance and Accreditation held a seminar for Mr. Sardasht Sardar on Sunday, December 26th, 2017. During his presentation, he emphasized on his recent published paper named "Nonlinear Pushover Analysis for Steel Beam-Column Connection." He presents results of the analytical evaluation conducted on the beam-column connection using nonlinear static pushover analysis (NSPA) process. The aim of using this technique is to investigate the efficiency of the configuration used in conventional steel beam-column connections. In this research work, the beam was subjected to two different applied loads; which are concentrated load and uniform distributed the load. At the end of the

seminar, he received an appreciation certificate from KUST president.

This seminar was a part of series activities that will be conducted according to the Quality Assurance Calendar during Fall 2017.