A Seminar on Darbandikhan Dam before and After the Earthquake

Komar University of Science and Technology, Office of Public Affairs conducted a seminar on Darbandikhan Dam before and After the Earthquake on November 28th, 2017.  The Seminar was held crucial academic points by expert engineer Mr. Wrya N. Khafaf. The aim of the seminar was sharing an academic analysis of the Dam, and giving more than one solution to take care of the dam after the earthquake disaster in engineering proficient perspective. Later the audience participated by asking to gain more specific details.

Lastly Dr. Kawa M. Qaradaghi, Vice President for Admin and Finance gave certificates to Mr. Khafaf for his important seminar.  

Previously, on November 13, 2017, the 7.2 magnitude quake left many vertical and horizontal cracks in the upper part of the 55-year old dam, one of which is about 450 meters long.

Additional damage near the dam came as dozens of giant boulders tumbled down the mountain on to the roads, damaging traffic barriers, cars and buildings.