Registration Processes and Responsibilities

Educational Seminar:

Title: Registration Processes and Responsibilities
Presenter: Dr. Ala Talabani- Office of Student Affairs and Registration
Date: October 24, 2016
Time: 12:00 noon
Place: B-Building, Room-B02
Dr. Ala Noori had presented a seminar about the registration, reading flowcharts, changes to flowcharts process and procedures for both students and Faculty members. In addition, she has highlighted the responsibilities of each party from students to departments. She explained the processes as follow:
1. Pre-registration or preparation, this covers the rules and systems that we are following in setting weekly class table and Final Exam schedule.
2. During registration 
3. Add/ Drop and starting classes
4. Resolving cases
Faculty and students attended the presentation. For more information about the presentation click the following link: