President of the Student Council Visits AUIS

On January 29, 2019 the president of Komar University’s student council (Ms. Sham Brwa) visited the president of American University’s student association (Mr. Sherwan Rahim) at The American University of Sulaymaniyah. A meeting was held and in this meeting, many ideas about academic activitiess and events that could be done among their universities as AUIS and KUST were exchanged and several plans were made. These plans are going to be set in action in a near future and they are already being worked on. This is the first step to empower communication between the universities in Kurdistan, where students of one university can have the opportunity to exchange their knowledge with students of another university or other universities and know each other. Activities with outside of our own university and let our students meet students from other universities can have a great positive impact on students from both universities and can also help them in finding careers in the future.