President’s Meeting with Students

Dr. Salah Aziz met with the F12, F13, F14 and F15 students during December 21, 22, 25 and 26, 2016, respectively. During the meeting, President updated the students about the changes taking place in terms of facilities and services in Komar University. On the other hand, students raised their concerns about changes took place in flowcharts and prerequisites for Internship and Graduation Project. It is worth to mention that vice presidents and chairmen attended the meeting and answered students’ questions. 
Dr. Salah stated that the academic departments are learning from implementing their policies and regulations. Based on that learning, Academic Committee and/or departments suggest modifications and submit them to the University Council for its approval. Dr. Salah encouraged the students to share their opinion with the chairperson of the department and/or their representative who is a member of the University Council. He stated that students’ opinion in developing academic performance is very important.
Students complained that some of the labs’ are not ready. President stated if the labs are not ready at KUST, then the academic departments should conduct the practical components of courses in higher education institutions in Sulaymaniah, Koya, and Arbil. He also indicated that if the practical is not conducted, then KUST should conduct the labs
Dr. Salah refer to the hard situation facing Kurdistan and how that is effecting enrollment of students in KUST and some its commitments. Students appreciated the meeting with President and requested to have similar meetings in the future.