PDI (Professional Development Institute) at KUST holds two activities

The first, was on Announcing Cisco Academy at Komar University, the opening Ceremony was by Mr. Sarkhell Sirwan, Director of PDI at Komar University, introduced the PDI and welcomed guests then asked the Cisco Advisor of opening the Cisco Academies, Mr. Dler Mawlud give the introductory about Cisco Academy and how important this Academy at Komar University.

The second activity was a Symposium on IoT (Internet of Things), the Opening Symposium was by the Symposium Chair, Mr. Sarkhell Sirwan as he welcomed all four distinguished panelists guest and introduced them to the audiences.

The four panelists were:

Mr. Dler Mawlud (Advisory at Cisco to open Cisco Academies): IoT Digitization and what dose Cisco Academy provides in IoT

Mr. Ako AbuBakir (PhD student on Computer Science): IoT Service and Applications

Mr. Bamo Nadir: Connected Cow (Smart Cow)

Mr. Sarkar Hasan (PhD student on Computer Science:  IoT Security and Challenges

There were Questions and Answers (Q&A) session and closing remarks at the end of the IoT Symposium. The event designed that way to continue the discussion between panelist and audiences over second tea break and the lunch to give more opportunity for whom want to get more information from the panelists.