A Panel on Women and Violence

Komar University of Science and Technology, Office of Public Affairs conducted an open panel discussion on Women and Violence on November 27th, 2017.  The Panelists were Ms. Payman Ezzaddin, Ms. Dashne Nariman, Mr. Zardsht Nuraddin and Mr. Karzan Aziz. The aim of the panel was a personal awareness of the term of violence and its negative effective on society. At the panel two impotent subjects were merged on violence based; first was a narrative story by a KUST student which based on a true story, and the second was the showing result of a random survey on violence. Both merged subject enriched the panel. Later the audience participated by giving more to the panel through personal shared experience and ideas.

Lastly Dr. Kawa M. Qaradaghi, Vice President for Admin and Finance gave certificates to the panelists for their roles.  

This panel was a part of 16 days of an international campaign of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women called Orange the World.