KUST Honors the 28th anniversary of the successful uprising of the Kurdish people

Today 5th March 2019, Komar University of Science and Technology has commemorated the occasion of Iraqi Kurdistan glorious uprising of 1991 against the despotic Ba’ath regime. The acting President of the University, Asst. Prof. Dr. Zanyar Faiq Saeed, congratulated the Kurdish nation and all other nations who strived for liberty and human rights. Dr. Saeed also stated that the 1991 uprising was a public and military one and emphasized that it should be followed by an intellectual uprising. Moreover, he maintained that one of the achievements of the uprising is the freedom of expression; however, he stated that such freedom is not absolute and anarchic, but depends on logical thinking and rhetorical expression. Hence, he recommended that people in general and academics in particular should study logic and rhetoric in order to culturally develop the nation.