KUST Holds Memorial Service to Honor Student Miran Hassan

On Sunday December 17th, 2017, KUST Community called sets mourning for the Loss of KUST’s beloved student Miran Hassan.

The University’s Office of Student Affair and Registrations and Office of Public Affairs organized a general meeting where faculty, staff and students gathered in the B02 Hall. During the gathering, Prof. Dr. Salahalddin S. Ali, President, spoke about the unfortunate news of the loss of one of beloved students and he hoped it will be the last bad news upon KUST family.  Later Dr. Dlzar Dlishad on behalf Medical Science Laboratory MLS gave his speech and his personal last meeting with him. He stated Mr. Miran was not only a regular KUST student but he was full of hope and charisma that set his graduation date to 2020. After that Mr. Rezhwan Mariwan on behalf Student Council and the whole students gave a speech about his role in the KUST community and the tragedy of this loss to him as a student. Lastly Students share their mourning through lighting the candle and putting flower with Miran’s picture on his memorial section.