KUST holds its first Christmas Fest

The Center of Intensive English Program (CIEP) at Komar University of Science and Technology held its first Christmas Festival on December 25th, 2018. The Fest included a Performance of “Be It unto Me”, A surprise gift for the lucky audience, Xmas activities, and a movie “A Very Murray Christmas”.  The aim of the fest was to celebrate Christmas and raise funds for the local orphanage through selling sweets, handmade crafts and Christmas games.  In both the Auditorium and Plaza, the students and guests had fun and ended the day on a happy note. 
Visitors and students enriched the event with their comments about the event:
“We are having fun here, I never felt much entertained, and I would like to see the play again.” KUST student Mr. Mohammed Zangana.
 “Christmas is a particularly serious time for many humanitarian contributions, as they are regularly the only lifeline for projects such as those supporting the elderly and the homeless and the demands can be even greater at this time of year, but here I find targeting orphans; more wisely shows what really Christmas is about.” Ms. Lanja Ahmed.
Christmas, almost in all non-English speaking countries called Yule, Joulu, and Yuldag. These all have its routes in Aryan Tradistion Yalda (Yal= Yule, da= Day) which has celebrated for several by Indo-Europeans sinse the birth of Mitra/Mehr. (Vasvan, B  December 30th, 2008, 'Christmas is an old Tradition from Persia', Scribd.com & Academia.edu)