KUST Faculty Representative Election Day

On Wednesday, November 22nd,2017, KUST has held Faculty Representative Election. The aim of this Election Day is to select a faculty member to be a representative of KUST faculty members and at the same time to be a member in the University Council.

Dr. Ako Rashed the head of Election Committee said that "The reason behind this representative is to be a member of University Council and make a bridge between the faculty and the administrative offices works and solving faculty issues." Faculty members voted for the following candidates:

1- Ms. Kizhan Salar
2- Mr. Aram Qadir.
As result of the voting, Ms. Kizhan Salar  won the election.

After congradualting newly faculty representaive, elected Ms. Kizhan said that "She will do her best to improve the role and KUST at the same time."

We offer our congratulations and we wish her all the best.