KUST Builds a Partnership with Coca-Cola

On November 28th, 2017, Coca-Cola Içecek Company (CCI) welcomed University Career Centers in Erbil. Mr. Ranjdar Saeed- KUST Coordinator for IP- Internship Program attended the meeting. The main purpose is to make a mutual relationship in terms of supporting University Career Centers for our Internship Program and hiring qualified candidates from the universities.

As they mentioned during their presentations, they are ready for the following supports:

1- Offering vacant positions for our interns based on their plans for 2018. They also provide a monthly salary for each qualified intern during his/her internship program in their company.

2.- Arranging plant visit for our students as per weekly plan.

3- Arranging Seminars and workshops for our students at KUST.

4- Giving & informing whenever there is any new job opportunity.

Internship Program offers opportunities to excel within a diverse team rich in talent, ideas, perspectives, background, and culture. we highly appreciate Coca-Cola’s effort for cooperating with universities and there will be more cooperation in the near future.