Komar University Joined Hult Prize Community

Komar University of Science and Technology announces that the university joined the Hult Prize community. The Hult Prize in partnership with the United Nations is the world’s largest student competition for budding social entrepreneurs, and every year welcomes college and university students from all around the globe. Named as one of the top five ideas changing the world by TIME Magazine, the annual competition for the Hult Prize aims to identify and launch the most compelling social business ideas—start-up enterprises that tackle grave issues faced by billions of people. From more than 50,000 applications received every year, one winning team will receive USD 1 million in seed capital, as well as mentorship and advice from the international business community.
The program was conducted on university campus with the participation of 20 teams of its students, each bringing the entrepreneurial ideas to present for a committee of judges comprised of business leaders from different sectors. 
The program was managed by the Hult Prize campus director Chro Chusi, and the judges that participated were Mr. Hawraz Jamal (Sheraz Logistic Company), Mr. Arivan Kamaran (Lafarge Cement Company), Dr. Ako Rashed (Komar University), Mrs. Tara Nihad (Society for Development Organization), Mr. Abdulkadir Fatih (Suli Design), Mr. Shady Adly (Hult Prize Community Director), Moreover, Dr. Bayad Jamal Ali participated as the mentor of the program. 
The winner team were consisted of Zhina Tahir, Shene Ali, Mohammed Rzgar, Rekar Sabah, whose idea were creating 10,000 jobs in the span of 10 years through commercializing the agricultural products of Kurdistan region.
Komar University of Science and Technology has always supported the entrepreneurial initiatives of its students, and with the cooperation of Hult Prize will be able to support its students ideas in the regional and international competitions.