Komar Research Center Held a Training Workshop on Bioinformatics

On Thursday, February 16, 2017, Komar Research Center has conducted a training workshop on “In Silico Analysis of Molecular and Evolutionary Data”. The training workshop was organized by Dr. Zmnako A. Awrahman and course trainers were Mr. Shad Arif Mohammed and Ms. Hawnaz Othman Najmalddin.

The training workshop was consisted of two sessions:  Introductory session and practical training session. Participants were introduced with basics of bioinformatics and molecular biology and why it is important. In addition, participants become familiar with the molecular and evolutionary data. Practical training session consisted of retrieving data, screening molecular data using open-source programs.

Participants got hands on practical experience on retrieving biological data from biological databases, base calling [using chromas pro /or FinchTV] of biological data files, gap deletion and align DNA-sequences against amino-acid sequences.

Lastly, participants started to analyze molecular data statistically, for example, use of elongation factor 1-alpha in arthropod phylogeny and understand the factors affecting codon frequencies and codon usage bias.

At the end of the training workshop, appreciation certificates were presented to the course trainers by the Director of Komar Research Center.