An Insight into Characterization of Fractured Reservoir Workshop

Dr Shirzad Nazhat and Prof Dr Dler Baban, two reservoir specialists with decades academic and industry experience, presented a broad range of information regarding some fractured reservoirs in Kirkuk basin. They explained that the available data that relates to fractured reservoirs are scarce usually are of type 1D (i.e; core and image-log data). They showed that the reservoir property distribution and fracture network modeling is difficult and needs extensive investigations to correctly comprehend and predict the performance of reservoir during production. They emphasized that in such reservoirs, it is necessary to understand how the data can be used and integrated to model an accurate fracture at field scale. 
During a Question-and-Answer session, where many reservoir specialists and geologists from several universities were participating, different aspects of the subject were discussed and it was revealed that the traditional models and theories need mediate validation by means of modern experimental instruments. 
The workshop ended up with presenting appreciation certificates to both Dr Shirzad Nazhat and Prof Dr Dler Baban.