Forensic Psychiatry Symposium

On Thursday, February 9th, 2017, a symposium was held at Komar University of Science and Technology on “Forensic Psychiatry” in the presence of psychiatrists and judges from family courts, appeal courts and others... Honorable judge Rizgar Mohammed Ameen explained the judicial difficulties and uncertainties surface when cases sent by the court to psychiatrists.

Professor Nazar M Mohammad Amin presented an introduction about Forensic Psychiatry. Dr Hajar Othman presented the practice of Forensic Psychiatry in Germany and lastly, Professor Amin submitted a brief history of Forensic Psychiatry in United Kingdom.

Approximately 30 judges, prosecutors and legal consultants from Sulaimani Province, Garmiyan and Kirkuk attended the symposium. After the presentation, an interactive session for two hours was held between the psychiatrists and the rest of attendants.  The problems facing psychiatrists in Kurdistan were shared with the legal personalities. New initiatives were made by the participants to improve the practice of psychiatry and legal system as well as cooperation between both sides in Kurdistan with special emphasis on Juvenile delinquency and substance misuse.

The Symposium was sponsored and hosted by KUST under the supervision of Komar Research Center. The Symposium lasted five hours. By the end of the Symposium, President of KUST presented Certificate of Appreciation to Judge Rizgar M. Ameen, Professor Nazar Amin and Dr. Hajar Othman.