Cooperation between Komar University and Kurdistan Engineering Union

On August 15th, 2016, Mr. Sardasht Sardar (Faculty member of KUST) as a representative of Komar University participated in a special meeting of Kurdistan Engineering Union (KEU). The meeting was in KEU Building, Sulaimani. The aim of the meeting was to select the best engineer of the year. So many options and criteria’s have been discussed to make a fair decision.

The Union decided to give ten days to all the representatives to evaluate the procedures for fulfilling that project.


Mr. Sardasht spoke to KUST website and says, “The meeting was productive and the idea of selecting the best engineer of the year is very good, because it can motivate the engineers to do their best.”


The KEU appreciated the participation of KUST representative and wished for the continuity of cooperation between the Union and Komar University.