A Concert Featuring Music of J. S. Bach In Memory of Miran Hassan

Komar University of Science and Technology in cooperation with Music House held a concert presenting The Third, Forth, and Fifth Cello Suites by J. S. Bach performed by Mr. Richard Hartshorne (Dobbs) on his Contrabass, and later along with Mr. Dobbs, Maestro Mustafa Abbas Ali, as First Violin, Mr. Goran Khorsheed, as Second Violin, and Mr. Bashdar Ahmed, a Cellist made a quartet to perform Art of Fugue: The First Contrapuntus in memory KUST’ beloved student Mr. Miran Hassan on Saturday, Dec. 16th, 2017, featuring the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. The concert began at 2:00 pm at the University Campus.

Mr. Dobbs and Maestro Ali after lighting 20 candles as symbol of the very short life period of KUST’s beloved Miran, they shared a very respectful eulogy about the great loss such as Miran’s unfortunate loss.