Appreciating Board of Trustees

From Fall 2015 until August 17th, 2017, eleven distinguish members of Sulaymaniah Province served  Komar University of Science and Technology (KUST) as members of Board of Trustees (BOT). They were businessmen, academics, educators, former ministers and members of parliament. They work on volunteer bases to support the mission and objectives of KUST. Based on the President’s, Dr. Salah Aziz, words the Board conducted 12 meetings in 2015-16 and 11 meetings during 2016-17. They were active in fulfilling their duties according to Law 2 (2013) of the Private Universities in Kurdistan Region. To show their appreciating, KUST administration organized a program, where, chairman of the Board, Prof. Dr. Nazar M. M. Ameen and President gave speeches. The ceremony included playing music and distributing certifications. Students, Faculty and Staff members attended the ceremony which took place in Auditorium Hall in E-Building.