Chairperson of MLS

Komar University of Science and Technology (KUST) at Sulaimani was founded and licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. According to the Kurdistan Region Government’s official letter No. 17867/7 on October 18, 2009.  KUST is a private university governed by a Board of Trustees and administered by its University Council. Its main campus is located in Qularaisi-Sarchinar of the Sulaimani city, Kurdistan, Iraq.

We are currently at an exciting stage of our development. We are looking forward to hiring professional academics to join our community and contribute to the growth and success of the university.

Job Code: KUST -02


1.     Administration

1.1  Fulfilling the Department’s Mission and Objectives
1.2  Cooperating with other academic departments and supporting units within KUST to fulfill the University’s Mission and Objectives
1.3  Cooperating with similar departments in other universities to develop joint programs
1.4  Providing academic leadership within the Department
1.5  Managing the Department’s personal affairs
1.6  Representing the Department in the University Council
1.7  Approving Courses and Departmental schedule every semester
1.8  Assigning teaching load to faculty members
1.9  Monitoring faculty members’ activities (teaching, research, others)
1.10        Approving awards and research of the faculty members
1.11        Approving Leave and Sick leaves of the Faculty members
1.12        Approving absence report of students
1.13        Making recommendations  to the faculty members
1.14        Making recommendations to the President on a faculty renewal contract

2.     Teaching

2.1  Teaching courses according to the faculty bylaws and the need of the Department, College and University

3.     Quality Assurance

3.1  Nominating a faculty member to the Quality Assurance Committee
3.2  Checking the quality of the taught courses
3.3  Checking QA reports on the faculty and assisting faculty members to overcomes shortages, if any

4.     Student Affairs

4.1  Managing students’ affairs within the Department
4.2  Providing advises during the registration, drop/add, withdraw, etc.
4.3  Solving students problems
4.4  Approving “W” and “I” grades

5.     Others

5.1  Conducting/Supervising tasks which improve the Department enhance its reputation, engagements, etc.
5.2  Conducting tasks  which are assigned by President, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean

Required Qualifications for Chairman:

1.     Ph.D. in one of the main academic areas of the Department
2.     Rank of Lecturer or Assistant Professor and above 
3.     Five years academic experience in teaching and management
4.     Ability to communicate effectively in English and Kurdish
1.     Good knowledge of MS office and computer.
2.     Proactive, attention to details, organized


Contract Type:  Full-time
Job Title: Chairman of Medical Laboratory Science  
College : Science
Department : Medical Laboratory Science
Place of work: Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region-Iraq
Working hours:  35 hours per week (08:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Sunday to Thursday)
Reporting To: Vice President of Academic Affairs
Contract duration: 2 Years.
Probation period: one semester (6 months)
Application Deadline: The application will continue until the position is filled.