Interactive Flowchart Mr. Aree Ali, Faculty member in the Computer, has developed an interactive flowchart for the academic departments. This is a useful tool in helping students to understand the flowcharts so the students can plan their academic years in an efficient way. The interactive flowcharts also help academic advisors to advise students, especially in the relationship between prerequisite, and/or co-requisite to a course,... Open The Flowchart

Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering was one of the three engineering departments formed in 2012 with the opening of Komar University of Science and Technology. The civil engineering undergraduate program is working according to the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).. Open Civil Webpage

Petroleum Engineering

It is obvious that choosing an engineering program is an important step toward YOUR higher education. We know that the Kurdistan Region has enormous crude oil reserves, and that through rapid production it is going to become an important player in the world energy market. .. Open Petroleum Webpage

Computer Engineering

The department does outstanding research in Biometrics Authentication, Computer Security, Network Routing Algorithms, Databases, Data Mining, and more! Our department is committed to sharing knowledge and expertise to benefit the country, the Kurdistan region, and the world whilst inspiring people to engage in computing fields.. Open Computer Webpage

Environmental Engineering

Throughout modern history, environmental engineers have always been at the forefront of the drive to improve our standard of living. They remain the central figures in the planning, design, and solving many environmental problems, large and small, that make modern life possible... Open Environmental Webpage


The Department of Accounting at KUST is an acknowledged centre of excellence. The department has a tradition of intellectual diversity, and we are committed to creating and disseminating knowledge related to accounting through research, teaching, and various professional and policy contributions... Open Accounting Webpage <h2 a=" href=" http:="""" "=""> Business Administration We have oriented our department away from supplying our nation s administrative system with more paper-pushers who conform with dysfunctional administrative systems. We are committed to helping a new generation of entrepreneurs, who don t just attempt to survive existing business environments, but also lead the way to bring about change... Open Business Administration Webpage


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Information Management

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Medical Laboratory Science (MLS). If you are looking for a vital department dealing with laboratory analyses using up to date knowledge and technology, so you are here in the right place. The MLS department in the college of science at Komar University of science and technology provides a state of art of education combined with cutting edge knowledge, technical skills, and work ethics necessary for proficient performance of clinical laboratory procedures... Open MLS Webpage







Welcome to Komar University of Science and Technology Library. We are here to serve our students, faculty and staff. We are serving programs of learning and research in many areas, also we provide a multitude of resources, both print based and electronic books, as well as to offer full information about our current services. Feedback from our staff, faculty and students always is respected. If you have questions visit Contact us page for a variety of options concerning how to reach us... Open Library Webpage

Quality Assurance

The Office of Quality Assurance and Accreditation (OQAA) is administrated by a director, who reports to the President (or designee). A standing committee by the name of the Quality Assurance Committee should be formed from representatives of the academic and supporting units... Open Quality Assurance Webpage