As any business, owners might change during the establishment. For Komar University and based on January 1st, 2016, the owners are:

Mr. Aso Mohmad Ali, Owner of Halabja Groups.

Education: Bachelors in Math
Short BIO:
  1. Founder, Owner and CEO of Halabja Group.
  2. Major Shareholder of Korek Telecom.
  3. CEO of Korek Telecom for Sulaymani, Kirkuk and Dyala Areas.
  4. One of the major Financial contributors for the American University in Sulaymani.
  5. Sole financial contributor for the New Sport Center in the town of Halabja.
  6. Running a huge programme to support Academic Student in the region.
  7. Donator for the Sulaymani Social Club “Yaney Komelayeti”

Mr. Hussian Salih Sharif, Owner of Kaso Groups

Short BIO:
  1. Has been in commercial since 1967.
  2. Importing and exporting products.
  3. Conducts and invests in projects
  4. Owning and managing farms in Sulaymani and Baghdad
  5. Owning and managing commercial buildings.
  6. Shareholder in Several Banks and companies, Iraqi Commercial Bank, Mansor Bank, and the company of feeding.
  7. Member of Iraqi Commercial Chamber.
Owner of the Kaso Company.

Mr. Jamal Ali Faraj, Owner of  Bayad Groups


Dr. Salah Aziz, Education

The President of the University is the chief executive of the university. He is responsible to implement laws and policies of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Administration Council and Board of Trustees and to manage faculty, staff and students affairs, and day-to-day activities


Mr. Ahmed Ali Faraj, Owner of Miran Groups

Short BIO:
  1. Established Miran Group Company in 1991 in Baghdad,1993 in Kurdistan, 1994 in Turkey and 1996 in Dubai.
  2. Import and export of electronical appliances (Samsung).
  3. Project of Miran Group (investment ,Truism & Housing). (constructing City center sulimany, City center Hawler ,Sarsir Hotel, Miran Building, 400 residential house in Penguin town and Aso eye hospital etc..).
  4. Charity projects: Mosque (Ahmad Haji Ali), Mosque ( Haji Ali ), Health center (Faiq Haji Ali) and school (Jamal Haji Ali) In Sarchinar.

Mr. Jamal Abdul, Education

Education: B.S. in Chemistry – University of Baghdad- 1962-1963

Short BIO:

  1. Teacher in intermediate School – 1964
  2. Manager Assistant in Shorsh intermediate school – 1967
  3. Manager Assistant of Sulaymani High school – 1969
  4. Manager Assistant of Kawa high school – 1970
  5. Educational supervisor - 1973
  6. Governor of Sulaymani province – 1992- 1994
  7. Minister of Culture - 1994- 1999

Mr. Mustafa Abdulrahman, Owner of Ikhwan Groups

Education: Bachelor in Law
Short BIO:
  1. 1993 graduated from a commercial course in Baghdad. Continuing in commercial works as a trade from Baghdad to Sulaymani City.
  2. 1994 contacted the fabric firms in, Tehran, Turkey, Jordan, and Syria.
  3. 1997 opened a company in Dubai for importing textile from foreign countries to Dubai and from that day till now have Dubai residence.
  4. 1998 -2002 developed a business in the field of fabrics, 2002 with a group of partners opened Mansur Company in Sulaymani.
  5. 2003 opened a company in Baghdad and became a director which is Brayan Company.
  6. 2004 opened a gas cylinder factory in Peramagrun – Sulaymani.
  7. 2005 Administration board member in Iraqi Importers & Exporter's union.
  8. 2008 delegation headman United Arab Emirates.

Mr. Karwan Ali Abdullah, Businessman

Short BIO: