As any educational institution, Komar was developed from an idea to plan and then a project. During each phase, there were different persons contributed to the project.The Administration Council decided to name the following individuals as co-founders of KUST. Some of them contributed academically and others financially.


Academic Co-Founders

  1. Dr. Kamal Tawfiq, Professor of Civil Engineering at Florida State University 
  2. Dr. Hayder Al- Shukri, Professor of Applied Sciences at University of Arkansas in Little Rock 
  3. Dr. Peter Garretson, Professor of History at Florida State University
  4. Dr. Abdulaziz AlSebial, Associate Professor of Arabic Literature.
  5. Dr. Michal Basile, Director of International Affairs at Murray State University



Financial Co-Founders

  1. Mr. Aso Mohmad Ali, Owner of Halabja Groups
  2. Mr. Ahmed Faraj Ali, Owner of Miran Groups
  3. Mr. Hissian Salih Sharif, Owner of Kaso Groups 
  4. Mr. Jamal Abdul, Educational and Government Official
  5. Mr. Mustafa Abdulrahman, Owner of Ikhwan Groups
  6. Mr. Abed Sulaiman, Owner of Diwan Groups
  7. Mr. Karwan Ali Abdullah, Businessman
  8. Mr. Hiwa Hawrami, Businessman